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‘Lock bumping’ is a burglars’ technique, which they use to open a lock with the help of an intelligently crafted bump key. As per the crime records of FBI, most of the house burglaries done by professional criminals are with no clues of any forced entry, and at least two-third of them are assumed to be bump key operations.

Most certainly, bump keys pose the biggest risk to home and business owners for a variety of reasons. At the first point, for burglars, bump keys are a cheap option and easily accessible. According to the crime analysts, bump keys can work virtually on any kind of locks on being operated by a trained person. It is also a matter of concern that almost all ‘so called’ secured brands are prone to bump key risk. Most dreadful fact is that bump keys can open any locked door in less than 30 seconds to 1 minute. All these make bump keys the favorite choice of even amateur burglars, offering them the quickest and cheapest mode of housebreaking.

Bump keys basically follow the principles of physics, somewhat similar to that of the toy named ‘Newton's cradle.’ Locks to resist the bump key impact is still a matter of speculation as we can see in many of the internet research articles and reports. Certain leading brands claim to make locks which offer fool-proof protection from bump keys, but you can see many Youtube videos showing such locks too getting opened using these crooked keys.